Two for the Price of One

While it has been obvious over the past several months that Xanadu's most junior weyrwoman has been expecting her first child, what no one knew was whether it would be a boy or a girl, nor what the child's name would be. All Thea would do when asked was smile, shrug and say that D'had would decide.

And thus the Weyrsecond did decide, having to chose, not one name, but two! Marella, (a fourth daughter for D'had) and Muireadhach, their son. But what happened the day the children were born? Apparently the couple were away from the Weyr for a few days. When they did return, Thea and the babes weren't out and about for three sevendays and when D'had was seen about, his expression alternated between grim and dazed. Although Healers were seen visiting their weyrbarn home, mom and babies seem now to be perfect health. Where did Thea and D'had go and what happened while they were away? For now, neither are saying.

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