Xanadu's Newest Weyrlings

It was early morning when the Weyr was roused up by a chorus of dragons humming. Loudest among them was Ellamariseth, giving a fair warning for all of Pern to come witness the Hatching. All ten of Ellamariseth's and Arinith's eggs were eager to get out and when the candidates were finally escorted out and all of them hatched healthy hatchlings. In total there was 4 greens, 3 blues, 1 brown, 1 bronze, and 1 gold.

Please welcome the new Weyrlings to Xanadu Weyr! Among them are:

Saige and Lurking in the Forest Green Ulaekimajith
A'dar (Aradir) and Over the Top Blue Zeituth
Thea and Dawn Before the Storm Gold Seryth

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