Just More

It's been a while since a certain greenrider announced to the weyr as well as to a very proddy Niva's face that she was one of the proud pregnant ones by a certain Bronzerider. It was also proudly stated that the child within was actually children which has had the rider glowing with pride. Down the road, well after Niva calmed from the flight of her gold, Tay finally was heard to tell that the children the greenlet was carrying belonged to none other then her very own Bronzeriding lifemate (seems that Tay just forgot to clarify which bronzer fathered her children at the moment of tormenting Niva).

Time did pass and after months of waddling about under the watchful gazes of Khirsath, Jhanieth, and K'vin, Tay finally allowed herself to be waddled right into the infirmary. Now for all those who made bets on the amount of screaming, cursing, swearing, and utter non-sense spewing the rider might have done, well I hope you didn't bet to much as for once it was a quiet delivery - Long but quiet. In the end the babies were born an whisked away into the care of those healers traine to care for premie babies as the infants were born at roughly a few days short of 30 weeks which was a miracle to say the least. For now the pair of boys and their tiny, delicate sister are in incubators in the infirmary where they'll remain until all have progressed enough to be allowed to go home to their parents and siblings. As far as names go, that's all been kept under wraps for now as Tay and K'vin keep watchful eyes upon their newest family additions.

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