Leaked From Eastern Weyr

The 'hour' that the Xanadu Weyrleader was granted to take care of some matter involving an Eastern weyrling has become a matter of conversation. Did the new Weyrleader over at Eastern make a dramatic mistake by leaving the venomous spewing gold weyrling alone with the Xanadu Weyrleader? Information is leaking to Xanadu by bits and pieces that the Xanadu Weyrleader left the conference room bloodied and battered, dishelved by all accounts as he left Eastern in a hurry, refusing to stop to talk to anyone. The weyrling, Eastern's newest gold weyrling, is said to be suffering in her classes after the incident. The facts that are known is that the conference room was a mess after the meeting, dishes broken, things thrown and misplaced, chairs tipped over and all things showing a sign of some violence… But the dragons didn't report anything amiss?

Back at home, A'dmar is keeping to himself as much as possible, issuing orders via messages rather than face-to-face. Some claim that's because he's got welts, no, he's got bruises, no, he's got cuts… Whatever the case is, is Xanadu going to suffer having to pay for damages at Eastern… Or is this going to be swept under the rug? Maybe this will prompt people to bombard the Weyrwoman Thea in 'advice' to replace the Ierne bronzerider with someone more 'stable' and 'trustworthy' … cause really, can people trust a man who goes over and attacks a weyrling? At least, that is what some people are claiming happened.

-Posted by A'dmar Dec 14, 2012

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