Suspicions Continue

So soon after hearing the new Weyrleader has called off the heavy sweeps for Laris, there are more rumors spreading about his shady nature. There was some deal in the living caverns the other day that had one of the Galaxy rider's striped of his knot and demoted - his knot was even thrown in the rubbish bin while the Jr. Weyrwoman was standing by looking on! Are lines being drawn in the sand?

Later, some report Galaxy Wingleader, Ers'lan, went to discover what exactly took place. He didn't leave the Weyrleader's office with a replacement knot for the rider who has been grounded. Some claim both Weyrleader and Wingleader were heard with raised voices. Then, the Wingleader left with a flushed face and lips sealed, speaking naught about the incident to anyone. Is the new Weyrleader turning into a tyrant already, refusing to listen to those in positions before he came? Is he threatening to replace the Wingleaders with his own men?

A couple days later, interestingly enough, the Xanadu Weyrleader was at Eastern, without the Weyrwoman, during the moment that Eastern's Weyrleader knot switched hands, from J'yn to S'rok. He was there and influenced the decision - that's what people are saying this side of the Weyr. A'dmar definitely knows the man named to interim status, as they shook hands and congratulated one another mere minutes after the knot was passed to the bronzerider S'rok. It was like they were celebrating their claim of authority and there was some shady talk of 'opportunities to be had' because of the position!

See, S'rok has spent at least ten Turns in Ierne too. The two acknowledged eachother on a level of familiarity that suggests they are more than acquaintances. Then it became painfully clear to those in the commons that these two have a working relationship, as the weyrlings were berated for failing to properly follow protocols in greeting the Weyrleader of Xanadu. Eastern's new Weyrleader was unwaivering and steadfast, as if he had practiced for this role for several Turns and then the Eastern Weyrleader went on to allow the Xanadu Weyrleader to pull that gold weyrling into a conference room, without supervision of an Eastern party, leaving room for the Xanadu Weyrleader to influence the weyrling.

Is there cause to be concerned at the influx of Ierne riders taking over large roles at the Weyrs or could it be merely all a coincidence? A few residents no doubt are going to the Headwoman and Weyrwoman with their unfounded concerns.

-Posted by A'dmar Dec 13, 2012

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