The Heat is Off?

With the new Weyrleader barely settled into his new position and his on the job training underway so-to-speak, the Weyrleading pair took a diplomatic visit to Fort - the first of the Weyrs to be visited since Seryth's flight was won by Yarovith. Upon their return, word filtered out of the wingleader's ready room that the wing rotations and sweeps rare now eturned back to the norm with morning, evening and night sweeps over the regular places and not quite so heavy in remote areas. Those places are still watched, however and the remote outpost still manned by dragonriders and craftsmen alike and though joint sweeps with Fort riders are less frequent, those remain. Notable too, Xanadu Weyr's increased guard presence of the past turn has been returned to it's previous light guard, those extras paid off and dismissed or reassigned to other tasks. Perhaps most talked about is the fact that the forest and uninhabited lands around Xanadu are no longer off limits, so hiking and picnicking in and around Xanadu may resume - just in time for spring!

The gossipers whisper that Laris might have been caught, or he's dead, or he's given everyone the slip for so long that the search for the renegade and his followers has been abandoned. Quieter still, those not sure they approve of an outsider winning the Senior's flight, say that maybe, just maybe the changes are something more sinister, enacted by the shady Iernian now wearing the Weyrleader's knot.

-Posted by Thea December 11, 2012

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