One Clue Deciphered

It seems that after some careful digging by the Harper Fiara in the various volumes of records at Harper Hall, the old rider badge that was found on the marshy coast line of the Sea of Azov has finally been identified. The design has been checked and cross-checked against Weyr records themselves, and against all odds and without any explanation, the badge is almost certainly that of a Southern Weyr wing. A wing which ceased to exist almost 150 turns prior to being found in the water, almost new.

Now the question has arisen: How did this badge end up there? Has it been there all this time, somehow without rusting or corroding? Has someone lost a precious family heirloom? Or did the rider themselves appear from the past to lose their badge in the present? While the search continues for clues, Kefai is still out there, somewhere.

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