A Gold Rises

As all golds tend to do from time to time, Xanadu's Senior gold Kilaueth rose from the feeding grounds, encouraging the bronzes of the Weyr, and those visiting, to take part in a long, difficult chase through the winter skies. While there were many familiar outlines amongst the dragons that took up chase - one was oddly absent: That of the Weyrleader D'son's bronze Inimeth. While the call went out, with the young Weyrleader away on business, he was caught offguard, and by the time he and Inimeth returned, it seemed that it was too late for Inimeth to regain the lost ground.

Most surprising, however, was the bronze that did manage to put an end to Kilaueth's flight - the young Nyunath - who managed to catch the older gold unprepared, and thus made himself Xanadu's new Weyrleader. Of course, as soon as word began to spread, there was one sentiment common: Pity the boy who's not even out of his teenage years and has found himself in charge.

R'owan is the new Weyrleader!

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