Kilaueth's Eggs Hatch

It was an otherwise normal evening when Kilaueth's (NPC) eggs began to shake and crack, and the candidates were hurried onto the Sands for the hatching for the first clutch. When all was said and done, there are a number of nervous people left around the Weyr, as not only did the girl found in the cave Impress, but two of those nervous kids from the mountain cothold did as well. With the remaining candidates shuffled back into the candidate barracks, the eight new pairs have been resettled in the barracks. Those pairs were:

Crown of Candles Gold Lusiath Impressed to Kate (Keitari)
Nothing But Coal Bronze Destroth Impressed to J'ril (Jerillian)
Turn Up the Heat Brown Todraith Impressed to Erani (Eraniya)
Sugar and Spice Brown Viskith Impressed to A'en (Andalien)
Round and Overindulgent Blue Kadaisith Impressed to N'tor (Nytor)
Silent Snowfall Blue Tuyeth Impressed to Faila
Sprigs of Holly Green Ilexanth Impressed to Rya (Rysiea)
Holly Jolly Green Jouluth Impressed to Noel

Ellamariseth's eggs will be hatching in a PC clutch with in the next 2 weeks, so keep your eye on the boards for a date and time!

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