An Intruder on the Sands

Generally, 2 AM is a quiet time in the Hatching Grounds. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and there was a whole group of candidates gathered, wide away despite the late hour. However, they were not the only ones awake, as there was a shadow lurking in the Hatching Grounds. A shadow which ended up on the Sands, before Kilaueth, and the others were roused by the chatter and the shadow.

After being tackled by Satoris, the shadow turned out to be a very scared boy, not even a hundred pounds, who'd been dared by some older boys to touch the Eggs, if he wasn't too scared. After dismissing the candidates, the boy Calen was assigned to be Fiara's.. helper for the next two sevendays, ensuring he'll be too busy to cause any more trouble.

Meanwhile, the galleries and Sands are strictly off-limits at the very least until Kilaueth's eggs hatch, though the ban may be reconsidered if the need arises.

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