OOC - Adoptables

With search up-coming at the end of December, I'd like to encourage folks to consider writing up an adoptable character or two for the Xanadu wiki that you think might be fun to have around and to RP with. This is not mandatory by any means, simply an invitation!

You may write your adoptable character as detailed or as vague as you like, but basically each ought to have a general age (12 turns and up), a brief description, a history and a few RP quirks. Adding a Played By picture is optional. Lastly, have people contact you for adopting the character(s) you write.

Please check out the wanted concepts ideas at the top of this page or add a relative or two:


If wiki-ing isn't your thing, feel free to @mail them to me along with the url where the image can be found (if using a PB) and I'll be happy to toss it up there for you. :D

-Posted by Thea on December 06, 2012

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