A Delivery and a Departure

A late afternoon arrival of a delivery rider while the wings were out on sweeps garnered little attention from weyr gossips, the man seeking the Weyrwoman in her office to hand her an official-looking document. He departed, she remained closeted in her locked office for some time, then left with instructions to the headwoman that she was not to be disturbed for the rest of the day. What she did is anyone's guess, for she did not leave the Weyr as Seryth remained peacefully sleeping in the clearing. Someone saw her on the docks with her children, Muir and Marella watching a ship sail, but after that no one seems to know anything.

The facts known are these: The new Weyrleader has returned from settling his affairs in Ierne, D'had took off on Siebith abruptly, upset about something, returning at dawn to an empty Weyrbarn, Thea having moved out and back to her old cottage in the forest. She's been seen and seems in a very somber mood going about her work. Their children? Haven't been seen in harper lessons, at meals or anywhere for that matter…

Posted by Thea on December 03, 2012

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