Spring Thaw

The landing runway of straw and hay padding the ice in the meadows served to bring back the traffic to Xanadu but wasn't needed for more than a day or two before the winds shifted and blew from the south, carrying balmy temperatures and sunny skies that are rapidly melting the ice. Dripping from trees and branches is a steady rain of moisture - and bits of ice. Slabs of semi-frozen slush slide from rooftops, dislodging icicles on the way to the ground where the intermittent crash drowns out the silvery voices of peepers. Large chunks of ice, carried downstream by the river, can be seen as the watercourse makes its way through the meadow to the Caspian Lake. Clearly the falls have broken through the grip the ice storm had on it and the turbines are turning again. Now at lest those cottages that have powerlines repaired have electricity once again and some families are able to move back home.

Posted by Thea on December 03, 2012

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