The ice seems to be holding fast its grip on Xanadu while downed trees and limbs are cleared by woodsmen, collapsed roofs are repaired by woodcrafters and power lines are repaired by the techcrafters. This is all well and good but the deep freeze continues and the falls that turn the turbines off away in the hills do not generate any power, so Xanadu is still without electricity. Whispers circulate that the Weyrwoman is not murdered, but was seen visiting the dragonhealer's annex the morning after Seryth rose in her mating flight. Now why would she go there? It's difficult keeping an entire Weyr grounded with dragons becoming restless, so a landing strip has been constructed in the meadow using old hay to pad the ice and provide much-needed traction. Now Xanadu's newest Weyrleader is free to return from Ierne. Yay?

Posted by Thea on December 01, 2012

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