Shady Disappearance

The newly appointed Weyrleader has made a discrete departure not terribly long after rumors of blood and broken windows in the guest weyr - and well into the recovery from the ice storm. In the darkness of night, the watch dragon noted the Weyrleader's dragon leaving in an abrupt wink of *between*, whom even failed to acknowledge the call of the watch dragon. Where the pair went to is anyone's guess, but there's no sign of him returning. Could the Weyrwoman know what's going on? The mention of an acting Weyrleader is on the lips of many, while others murmur about the departure in the darkness. It's suspicious! Why hasn't he returned?! What could be keeping him? Is Xanadu better off?

OOC: Hello Xanadu. I'm grateful for the welcome I've had since arriving and I look forward to meeting you all (with this alt) soon! Feel free to use previous gossip posts to help stir up Rp as there are a few known things related to him, such as the fire in Ierne. I'll likely be back sometime late this weekend or early next week and I'm really excited to sit down and get Rping with the lot of you. Otherwise, have a great weekend and I'll see you soon! - A'dmar

Posted by A'dmar on November 29, 2012

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