Things That Go Thud in The night!

It all started in the dark of the night, while the weyr was still without electricity and still iced over that a loud sound could be heard from the clearing. Those that dared go outside to check it out, thinking it was another downed tree again, were surprised to find out it wasn't a tree that had fallen but a camouflage-patterned and scarred green dragon that had crashed down into the clearing. The small green was apparently found sprawled in the icy clearing with her head against the cavern doors, dazed and confused, her rider still strapped into her flight straps. When everything had settled, or at least after the clearing stopped spinning, the equally tiny rider was seen sliding off of her green's back and immediately slipping on the ice in the clearing. Once balance was, mostly, regained the rider was said to have announced herself as Serena, senior apprentice HarperRider to green Akiith, sent from Harper Hall to serve Xanadu as one of their weyrharpers. Once Akiith was settled in the dragon infirmary to be checked over by a dragonhealer, the short Harper was seen heading towards the administration offices.. only to find them emptied due to the recent flight of Seryth. Serena was soon setup in the living cavern to wait out the ice storm and await her assignment from Thea and her new Weyrleader.

OOC: I'm happy to be joining Xanadu, Serena will likely be camped out in the caverns until the ice thaws and she can be shown to a proper weyr, so feel free to come by and bug me for RP if you see me on. :D

Posted by Serena on November 27, 2012

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