Welcome to Xanadu?

When the dragons took off to chase Seryth as she rose, they encountered a stormfront blowing over the peaks behind Xanadu. The weather system moved into the area, then stalled there, caught between the mountain range and the Sea of Azov. At first blowing snow, fluffy and light covered everything in a deep blanket of fresh snow. Not bad. Some shovelling and sanding of walkways. But the precipitation changed to fine ice crystals and then sleet, which came down all throughout that day and the night to follow. The system passed and the temperatures plummeted, leaving everything coated in 5 inches of solid ice. Trees and limbs, cracking under the heavy weight of snow and ice, have dragged down powerlines, coated the radio tower atop the dome of rock that the caverns are housed in and frozen the falls that Xanadu draws it's hydro-electric power from. In the bitter cold, without power, Xanadu falls back on Cromcoal or wood. If that weren't enough, with the ice so thick and hazardous for landing, all dragons are grounded until it thaws - which ought to be any day with the late winter fluctuations.

There's nothing like having a disaster to cope with as brand-new Weyrleader in addition to having to deal with… Thea… is there? Good luck A'dmar? At least the hatching sands are hot? Which means people are camping out up in the observation level. Good thing Jethaniel fixed that generator.

Posted by Thea November 26, 2012

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