She Did Whaaaat?

Some insist that the Weyrwoman was drunk - others think she's been under far too much stress lately. Yet others wonder if she's flipped her… ahhh…. lid? Might be that things at the weyrbarn she shares with D'had are not all that blissful while others speculate that some ambitious maneuvering went on, the shady Iernians saw an opportunity and grabbed it, taking advantage of Thea's flight-induced distraction. Apparently after first trying to promote 16 turn old smithcraft apprentice Kale to WeyrSecond, a proddy Thea laid the knot on a visiting greenrider after she fired D'had, who has been Xanadu's WeyrSecond for over 13 turns. Undebatable is the outcome: Xanadu has a new Weyrleader - A'dmar from Ierne. And a new Weyrsecond - Ph'rys, also from Ierne. It remains to be seen whether Ph'rys will retain the knot since he isn't even a resident. As for A'dmar's Yarovith? He edged a possessive Romth out and won the prize. Ah Xanadu! Never boring.

OOC: Thanks to everyone who came out for the scene and helping to make it a lot of fun! Also thanks to both D'had's and Xe'ter's players for their contribution to Xanadu Weyr both ICly and OOCly. Their RL has taken them away from us - they will be sorely missed!

Posted by Thea Nov. 25, 2012

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