Less-Than-Subtle Changes

Many have noticed that the once cheerful and mobile M'nol has been down since the fires and flooding, but it seems that recently he's gone from sad to downright depressed. He goes to wing drills and to duties, but otherwise he's just as often not in the Weyr as in it, and when he is, he's often found at the tavern. Not drunk, necessarily, but often drinking.

When questioned about his mood or the simply mechanical performance of his duties he responds that everything's fine and cracks a pale facsimile of his usual impish grin. Anyone who might bother to check on him would discover that not only has his bed not been slept in in at least a seveday, but his pillow and blanket have been moved down to a shelf in Faraeth's wallow, leaving the concerned to wonder if he's even taken the flight of stairs up to his weyr proper in just as long.

And for the first time, no one truly understands his current dour mood. Well, no one except, perhaps, for Faraeth, who is equally down of late. Snapping at minor irritations and generally in a foul mood all around, the brown has become something he was never meant to be. Angry. Still, even he is mum as to the cause, he says at M'nol's request.

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