Double Your Fun

To many, the fact that Niva and C'ian's eldest - Vivian - was a candidate thanks to Laera and her blue Kereth was both a surprise and a headache. Amongst that number was Niva herself, who was unsure of how the whole thing would play out - or whether she even wanted to know.

Niva, however, was not alone, for Vivian's little sister Nicca was, when asked, admittedly quite jealous of her sister's good fortune. After a bit of consideration, Niva told Nicca to move her things to the candidate barracks - and that the girl should consider it her turnday present. (Though, the spoiled girl is likely to get much more out of the bargain.) And so, with the threat of being just as quickly removed from candidacy for poor behavior hanging over her head, Nicca was sent to find herself a white knot.

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