Satoris Refuses

While many people were enjoying the beautiful meteor shower on the beach, Marte was one of those seeking some privacy as she watched from the meadow. However, it seems that not everyone was intrigued by the show, for the brownrider and her lifemate Vwayath found Satoris in a hurry to get to the mine. After various accusations as to what was so important, the brownrider attempted to make a deal with the miner - half of whatever it is he's hiding down there. Unfortunately for her, Vwayath had other ideas, and wanted the miner to stand for the clutches on the Sands. Unfortunately for Vwayath, however, Satoris also had other ideas, and refused the offer of becoming a candidate, leaving Marte in shock. Seems that this one has other things in mind, than baby dragons.

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