The Sky is Falling

It was meant to be an enjoyable, beautiful occurrence - the peak night of the meteor shower came on a perfectly clear night, and the majority of the Weyr had found ideal places around the area to sit and watch the heaviest shower in living memory. The Starsmiths had predicted up to 500 meteors in a single hour, and even those who were unaware of the show were caught in awe.

Unfortunately, the peaceful atmosphere of the beach was shattered as the little girl from the cave - Keiva - and her brother snuck away from their nanny, and proceeded to end up in hysterics, as they noticed the bright streaks across the sky. Amidst their cries of 'Its coming!', the older girl - Keitari, better known as Kate appeared to try and calm them down. She had a limited amount of success, though with Y'ki's intervention, Keiva's wailing was stopped.

However, more intriguing was the fact that Kate has been relocated to the candidate barracks, after being Searched however unorthodoxly by Y'ki's blue Ecoatleth. The whispers have already begun about how wise this may be, but Niva at least is certain that the girl, who has already settled in quite seamlessly, will be a pleasant addition to the candidate class.

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