Glow or Glare?

To warm up these days Seryth has been sunning herself in the clearing daily despite the icy winter conditions rather than baking herself on the empty sands. Romth, her besotted mate is always in close attendance, the bronze more irate and possessive than he normally is. In fact, when they're not currying their riders on hold visits and Weyr-related tasks, the pair are almost always comfortably wrapped up and pillowed on each other. Though Romth appears quite alert, Seryth doesn't appear to have a care in the world. Normally serene, there's been no change in the queen's behavior and curious eyes turning speculation upon Thea note the absence of her crossbow to shoot bronzeriders with. Whispers of, "You know she shot one once when she was proddy? He's disappeared and never returned to Xanadu…" All they see is a serious, if slightly distracted and very busy Weyrwoman going about her work with a level-head. Hmm. Maybe that is sunshine reflecting off Seryth's hide after all?

OOC: Unbeknownst to - well, all of us - Seryth will be rising on Friday November 23 at 9 pm EST. This is a leadership flight, and as such the winner is already pre-determined. However, if you'd like some fun RP I have managed to make it a contest of sorts for everyone. All brown and bronze dragons are welcome to attend. To join us +go XAW, then FO, then FG.

This flight will result in an NPC clutch with the up-coming PC clutch flight in December.

Posted by Thea on Nov. 20, 2012

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