The Weyrwoman returned from her vacation slightly sunburned, but appearing pleased and relaxed. The Weyr seemed to run just fine in her 3 day absence and now, a few sevens later, the reason for her trip is apparent. A ship from the north -Igen to be precise - has moored at the docks of Xanadu while a heavy cargo is unloaded, carted and pulled by draft runners into the forest? Yep, that's right. Quite a few pallets of pale stone, precut into squared blocks are rumbling on their way to the forest's edge where smaller handcarts are then loaded and pushed deeper into the old forest which now rings with the sound of hammer and chisel as stonemasons make more precise cuts. Several pallets of green-ish translucent stone and a golden-flecked sandstone have been carted to the smithcraft area to be cut by special saws into tiles of varying shapes, then polished. The restoration of the ruins has begun!

OOC: Just some background fodder for a set-up to TP continuation. Please feel free to hook into this in whatever way is appropriate for your character, whether it is having arrived on the ship or helping load stone on handcarts at the forest's edge.

Posted by Thea on Nov. 20, 2012

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