Apprentice For Hire!

Sometimes, apprentices get a little too big for their britches, which was the case one fateful late evening within a quiet tavern on Xanadu where a certain smithcraft apprentice was seen being escorted out by a not so jolly looking goliath of a journeyman by the name of Orik. Not many days after, Kale was seen within the same tavern (under the watchful eye of a different journeyman) giving a speech of sorts, the topics rumored ranging from a tragic family background to honoring those who partake in nightcaps. ….Or something like that. But somewhere within all those tragically sincere words, all patrons were given a free task of their choice to be completed within a month's time! Hooray for apprentices!

OOC: That's right folks! Good ol' Kale is in troooouble! And for his punishment (other than his public apology!) he must complete a task for any and every tavern patron that was present that evening during his speech. Want something done for your character? Boots shined? A love letter written to that lass down the way? Poop shoveled? Drop me a line! You can always assume you were one of those faceless people milling about snickering behind their glass. Let's stir up some more rp on our awesome Weyr!

-posted by Kale Nov. 14, 2012

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