Eggs in the Wherry

Over the last few days a newcomer has arrived at Xanadu Weyr. An amiable, affable, soft spoken young man named Catallian. Most people call him Cat. He has taken up residence as the new head bartender in the Wandering Wherry and has been known to venture out other places as well. Already, folk are finding him to have the qualities that make him good at his job: An endearing personality and an open ear to anyone that wants to use it and the discretion of keeping what he hears to himself.

However, he has also brought something else with him! A fiesty, proddy young gold firelizard and as predicted a bakset has appeared inside the Tavern. He makes no bones about it, those who want an egg can have them.

OOC: As part of a way to say hello, I'm handing out some little bundles of love. The following colors are available, tell me if you want them. XAW gets first crack, you've until Friday to tell me if you want one, then I make them available to anyone on the game. :)

Brown X3, Green X2, Bronze.

Let me know, I enjoy my descing. :) Hoping everyone comes by the bar to meet Catallian at some point soon!

-posted by Catallian on Nov. 12, 2012

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