Close Quarters

As people have evacuated from the lower weyrs and cottages into the caverns, so has the craft complex been rapidly emptying, thought for slightly different reasons. Apparently, the severe dry spell caused the roofing tiles to harden and shrink, leaving gaps that the rain has been madly trickling through. After nearly two sevenday of dealing with the resultant chaos, the masters have called it quits, and ordered all materials at risk for water damage into the storage caverns.

Load after load of supplies has been placed in broad-wheeled wagons and dragged across the clearing. Any supplies at risk from moisture have been crammed into the storage caverns with precious little attention to organization, and a few of the crafters who were living in the dorms have sought dryer lodgings as well. The lower caverns are now festooned with all sorts of craft paraphenalia, ranging from raw materials like barrels of sand and cords of seasoned wood to finished products, including some rather odd wood carvings that nobody is willing to claim as their work.

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