Rising Waters

For a little over two weeks steady rain, sometimes torrential, other times light have fallen on the Xanadu area, causing the lake and rivers to rise slowly, but steadily. Some folks in low-lying areas - the coastal road and the meadow near the river have found themselves needing to evacuate to the hatching arena where they find spots in the observation level to bunk. The wings fly extra sweeps to watch the low-lying areas and offer assistance to the surrounding holds, checking in to assist with evacuations as necessary. The weyrfolk are tired from the fires already and now crowded and uprooted, tempers are bound to flare.

With the ground saturated landslides and downed trees are a real danger as already experienced by Xanadu's Weyrsecond and one junior weyrwoman. A tree fell and smashed the front porch of their weyr and for now the pair have taken up residence in the office that the Juniors share with the Weyrsecond.

See the log.

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