Fire and Flood, and an Empty Cot

With the drought leaving little to do in the gardens, and then subsequent disasters around Xanadu, it might have gone unnoticed that one gardener girl has been seen less and less around the weyr. Indeed, if the rumors are true, the girl has been spotted halfway across Pern, from Fort to High Reaches, in the company of a certain brownrider. And now, apparently, the girl has gone missing. Her cot's been cleaned out, and with her brother off at Landing, there's little explanation of her absence. However, word might filter here and there of a certain weyrleader, who's been known to spoil the girl rotten, funding a rather interesting project over in Ista. The man might also nearly have died from having a mattress dropped off a ledge to almost hit him.. but that's all hearsay, really. The only person who does seem to know anything is greenrider B'miel, who shrugs off the girl's absence with a, "She'll be back in the Spring."

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