A Peek

It's been a couple of months since the newest member of Sianne's brood arrived on the scene and since then it seems the Junior has been keeping her newest offspring underwraps without even announcing a name or the gender of the baby. Not even a word can be pried out of the normally chatty Sakrienth either. A few of the old Aunties have been gossiping that there's something wrong with the child to the point that Sianne has been keeping it hidden, others have been saying that she's simply keeping the child hidden from it's Western Weyr Bronzeriding father.

Well all gossip has been put to rest as with the rising flood waters the goldrider was seen settling her younger children in the nursery while the older ones have been shuttled off to other weyrs to spend time with other members of their vastly extended family. Now Sianne has been seen carrying around a squirming pink swathed bundle in a sling across her chest. The infants name was heard to be Zatanya which to most was a dead give away as to just who fathered this plump little girl.

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