Ledge Raffle?

It seems that there's been a raffle of sorts set up by one of the Juniors and not that one that most would automatically suspect either. As the waters keep rising through the weyr it seems that places in the observatory are being put up for bidding as well as…GASP…spots on Niva's on ledge as well. The only problem is that it's uncertain if Niva herself knows that her ledge is now being split up into sections for bodies to rest upon.

It's not for certain is where all the money is going to from the sale of the tickets. The other thing that not been sorted out is just which junior is doing the selling since no one has seen any of the Juniors actually selling the tickets its always been some of the older weyrbrats or one of the Aunties or Uncles.

Is the money staying with the sneaky Junior who decided to sell these dry resting places?
Which Junior is behind the raffle?
What is Niva going to do when she finds out about the raffling off of her ledge?

Whatever happens, it's sure not to be soon forgotten.

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