The Mystery Continues

After the discovery of numerous 'clues' both at the cave site and at the coastal clearing, it was only a matter of time until further action was taken. While some time has passed with only increased sweeps over the area, a decision has finally been made.

It seems that everything that has found so far has been set out in the Council Chambers for public viewing, in the hopes that more minds will bring more results. In addition to that, riders have been pulled from other duties to ride more sweeps over the Xanadu Area and to try and find what they can. However, an additional order has been enacted that no one flies alone - anyone on sweeps must either be with another rider or have a nonrider partner operating with them.

OOC: I'm sorry about the delay in getting this together: The fun part of our TP is here! The various clues have been set up in the council chambers (#9559) as +views - feel free to go down there and try and figure them out. In addition, we have a new slew of rooms to explore, to see what else we can find out about Kefai. To join in the search, type 'search' from the Xanadu main clearing (+go xaw). Take some time to explore the area and see what you can find - then submit your logs to us at moc.liamg|hteualik#moc.liamg|hteualik - we'll have a forum in about 2 weeks for everyone who sent in logs to air their thoughts ICly and we'll be going from there! Have fun!

The commands, briefly! +view in the Council Chambers, 'search' from the Xanadu Clearing to get to the wilderness, and 'check *' to investigate the wilderness rooms, if you see something of interest! The items found so far are also listed at:

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