Ellamariseth Rises

Taking a break from the search for clues regarding the cult leader that has plagued Xanadu Weyr with mysteries, gold Ellamariseth has finally taken to the skies! It was wild! It was spontaneous! With all the recent drama surrounding Xanadu Weyr, it was no surprise that the flight itself was full of tension, with every rider having it out for every other. The chase was long and exhausting and the tension on the ground that nearly broke out into a fight only faded as the gold plummeted down from a deathly height. Unable to keep herself up any longer, the gold fell back only to be caught by the waiting claws of bronze Arinith, whether to Ysa's pleasure or not that is yet to be known. It won't be long before the desert queen of Xanadu will return to the sands, hopefully to be shared without any complaints with the Senior queen, Kilaueth.

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