The Weyr is being run by Xe'ter, the Weyrsecond, the team of Junior Weyrwoman and the Headwoman while Thea and Seryth have been seen leaving Xanadu with camping gear and a group of stone masons. Rumors are filtering in that she's meeting someone somewhere away from prying eyes and that D'had is NOT pleased about it. I mean, JUST LOOK at the man's face, have you ever seen it look more disgruntled? Well, others say, the Weyrsecond has always been a bit on the grouchy side and Faranth knows he's possessive and overly protective of his weyrmate, especially with the queen due to rise soon.

And why doesn't someone just ask Xe'ter? Well, have you seen him? No? He's got his face buried in those sharding MSDS he's been plaguing the Weyr with now that he's gone all OSHA on people. Good luck finding him. Try asking the juniors? "Camping?" is their uncertain guess. They don't know either. Muir and Marella are in the care of either Darsce (the horror!) or N'shen and Natali. Doesn't it take TWO babysitters to watch Alishe? Hey c'mon, they can totally do it - between them they have 22 turns - they're old enough.

-Posted by Thea Tue Nov 6

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