Finally, Some Answers

The latest child found in the cove near Ressac seems to be far more talkative than the others. After having been reunited with her siblings (though it turned out they all have different mothers) it was hard to get her to stop talking.

The secret tea that had been alluded to by the other children appears to have been a soporific to keep people under control, rather than a poison as was feared. The boat had been recent repainted and the sail replaced — the distinctive red with a yellow lightning bolt replaced with green with a red sun.

As far as details went on where those that had survived had fled to she was not so clear. She could name at least five people who went with the leader, three of whom were his chief wives, one of which she was terrified of. She knew they were heading south, to the mountains, but was never allowed to any of the meetings where the map was revealed. Her only thought was they had a similar cave system in the mountains, or someone was waiting there that could help them get further away.

With this new information a search was started for the boat, the vessel eventually being found beached on the southern shore of the Sea of Azov.

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