The Pox Appears

It was mid-morning while Ethne was busy with paperwork at the Dragonhealer Annex when her sister's husband showed up telling her she needed to come see the children in a rush. When she got to her sister's quarters, her sister had two sick young ones on her hands, Ethne's daughter,Arana and son, Kethalt. It didn't take long for Ethne to seek out a healer's advice who said they should be taken to the Healer Hall. It was without delay that Ethne could be seen taking the two children onto Mellonath, made warm as possible for the trip and headed to the Healer Hall. After a bit of time through the examination room, she was told her children had the "pox" that was going around and she was informed that she'd not be able to see her kids for a while till the course of the illness passed. She hugged and kissed her children as she watched them being taken to quarantine. Just as Mellonath is a protective dam on the sands of her clutches, so is Ethne and the woman has decided to switch for some time off from her dragonhealing duties to stay up at Healer Hall till her children can return back to Xanadu.

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