A Weyrleader Confirmed

It was just another day at Xanadu when Niva found a young Istan bronzerider trysting with a Xanadu greenrider in the gardens. Much shrieking, screaming, and yelling of orders followed, until Kilaueth decided to settle the problem by taking to the skies. Pursued by R'miel's Arinith, Leona's Lakareth, R'sul's Hesketh, as well as that pesky Istan bronze and the older Reaches bronze Luiluth. While the Istan bronze took out Arinith, and the others tired, Hesketh was left to snag Kilaueth, confirming R'sul as Weyrleader.

The real question on everyone's mind, however, is if now that Niva is back to normal, the ban on Istan bronzeriders will be lifted, or the young man in the gardens has managed to seal their fate.

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