An Update From the Coast

For many members of the weyr, the incident down the coast really had no effect on their daily lives - after all, by the time the carnage was discovered, it was already far too late to help. And, as Ysa found out when pressing a slightly intoxicated Niva, in the minds of many no longer their concern, as it had been left to those from Ressac Sea Hold to give the bodies an appropriate burial and attempt to make sense of the scene - after all, tracking a person in a boat is hardly as simple as tracking a person on land, and thus, it seems certain people wrote it off - besides, didn't those stupid people deserve it?

Unfortunately, those who are dealing with it most directly are the poor nannies who have been charged with helping to integrate the children into the Weyr. Rumors from the nursery have it that a trio of them refuse to sleep in separate beds, and those times that they do sleep, they are wracked with nightmares - their cries waking the other children. Clearly, they aren't normal.

However, the report from the Holders is due soon enough - perhaps that will be enough to spur the leadership into action. Or, perhaps not.

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