Odd Happenings on the Coast

There had been rumours for a long time about strange messages, strange people being seen around the weyr, people going missing from the weyr… there was even a rumour that some strange breakaway faction had kidnapped two residents and later dumped them in the mountains when they had refused to join them.

It seems the rumours were at least partly true.

It was just gone first light when a pair of children stumbled into the weyr. The story they had to tell was odd indeed. It seems there was some sort of arguement in a cave, their father was missing, several people were dead, and they had nowhere to go. With the children tucked away safely in the nursery a small group of riders went to investigate and were met with a gruesome sight indeed. Many bodies were piled up in the cave they found, several without a mark on them to indicate the manner of death. They had not been lying for long, and there were marks of a boat having been launched sometime in the preceeding day.

What happened remains something of a mystery, the children only saying that the fight started because something 'didn't come'. As for the boat, there's been no sign of any vessel matching the description the children gave.

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