Turnover... Distractions?

Turnover in Xanadu, unlike in the Northern Continent, happens at the very end of summer. With the weather turning crisp and cold unnaturally early, it's with the thought of keeping ahold of Summer just a wee bit longer - and giving the Weyrfolk a bit of a respite from being kept out of the woods while the concern for Laris' group lingering about keeps them all weyrbound and under guard - that the celebration is planned. Dragons offer transport for passengers and food to a set of islands in the Southern Sea where pit barbecued porcine and lamb are roasting on the beach for a simple but festive and worry-free celebration.

OOC: Turnover snuck up on me this time - so this will be a backscene we'll catch in the next few days whenever folks are around to RP it. To get there @tel to #2690 and type 'leave'.

-Posted Wed Oct 24 by Thea

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