Once a Woodsman...Now Assistant Steward?

Xanadu Weyr's elderly Steward has recently been placing more of his burden onto the shoulders of a young man who was, as of a Turn ago, merely a woodsman. If you are the suspicious type, you may start wondering a laundry list of questions about assistant Steward Ekarem. Who is this young man? Where does a woodsman learn how to act as a Steward? How has he risen to the role of assistant Steward so readily and easily? Why does he deflect questions about his family? Why is he at Xanadu?

OOC: Just an introduction for Ekarem! He is the defecting half-blood son of Lord Eyvindr of Hannista Hold, although this is unknown information. He has been at Xanadu Weyr since he was a teenager, primarily working as a woodsman until his promotion into the role of assistant Steward. Xanadu's elderly NPC Steward has come to rely very heavily on Ekarem's abilities over the past few IC months.

-Posted Sat Oct 13 by Ekarem

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