A New Arrival

From beginning to end, Ysa's pregnancy was all about being sick and stressed out and sick some more. It was a vicious cycle that was destined to end in 9 months. It was a nearly a month less than that, with a fractured rib and all, when it finally did end. R'miel once again led Ysa to the infirmary, this time in the evening, and the Healers all bustled to the shouts and screams from the pair. Eventually, broken fingers and more cursing later, Jr. Weyrwoman Ysa gave birth to her and R'miel's second son, Illiam. Much gossip did evolve from the fact that the baby was born blonde, from two dark-haired parents…

There's a new baby at Xanadu! Their first born will grace the caverns now while the Weyrsecond and his weyrmate have their hands full with the newborn.

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