Missing Persons!

A summer storm blew into Xanadu one evening. Nothing unusual for the time of year; some downed branches, a few flickers of the power systems. Nothing serious - at least, not from the storm itself. Galaxy's post storm meeting was routine.

At least, until a harried stablehand interrupted, insisting he just had to drag off the wingleader. When Ers'lan arrived at the stables, the story came out: the night before, the beginnings of the storm had sent a runner carrying off a rider in a panic, with another rider in pursuit. Neither of them had returned, and the stablehands' attempts at a search had been unsuccessful.

Now the two have been lost overnight, after a rain that surely eliminated many traces of their passage. Galaxy will surely do their best, though. The missing are Idrissa, a beastcraft apprentice, and Lorelai, wingleader Ers'lan's weyrmate.

-Posted Thu Oct 11 by Soriana

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