Goldrider Gossip

Lunchtime can bring interesting gossip. Like just the day before at midday, Weyrsecond R'miel clad only in his boxers was leading his heavily pregnant weyrmate Ysa, who was wearing a robe, across the clearing to the Infirmary. The pair were marching slowly and by all looks it appeared the Jr. Weyrwoman was in great pain. While some passing residents placed bets on their premature child's gender, it was only to their surprise that the pair left a while later with the goldrider still as pregnant as before. Word in the infirmary has it that the goldrider had broken a rib and has been told to remain in bed to aggravate it as little as possible, though they do not expect that she will have to wait much longer to go into labor.

While bedridden for most of the day, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Ysa out and about occasionally to escape her stuffy weyr, even against the Healer's orders.

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