Heat Wave

The weather continues dry and hot with occasional far-off clouds to the south producing nothing but flickers of heat-lightening, dissipating before reaching Xanadu's area with no rain produced. Few breezes stir the trees and when they do, they are hot, and oppressive. Leaves on the trees have grown to full size, yet instead of green and soft, they are beginning to turn an olive drab and curl around the edges, drying in the moistureless air while the grasses on the prairie of Xanadu's territory is now sere and browned. Firestone practice continues with great caution because of this. The ground has become rock-hard, except where irrigation keeps it soft, the river running through the meadow has dwindled to a great degree, while levels in the lake seem to be dropping. Wells and springs are beginning to run low, leaving many to speculate when this drought will end and what to do should a water shortage become critical. For now, weyrfolk are asked to conserve water when possible and help draw lake water to help fill temporary tanks set up for storage and common use.

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