A return to normal

Late in the evening by Xanadu time, a rider bearing Fort Weyr's colors dropped into the clearing at Xanadu weyr. His lone passenger was a young lad that left some weeks ago on a bronze of the same weyr. Now though he's returning on a young Brown. Grabbing his bag he trudges slowly across the meadow towards the caverns. He's wearing a glum expression that seems no amount of cheer could raise his cheer. He was seen disapearing into the resident's cavern and hasn't been seen much since. Who was this gloomy young lad? No other than Mikal returning from candidacy at Fort Weyr. Seemed he stayed to feast ( naturally), said goodbye to his new friends and returned home. Over the next few days he slowly emerges from the residents dorm but he's still a bit too quiet for his normal self. Hopefully time will cheer him up. Time and simply being 'home' for he's overheard to say that he missed Xanadu the most while gone.

Mikal's baaaaack! And boy did he miss his home here at Xanadu. Feel free to page the Healer apprentice for rp or just tackle him whenever he's out and about to find out all about his candidacy at Fort Weyr.

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