Galaxy Wing Goes Pro

You might notice that Galaxy wingriders are strutting around proudly (should be - up to the rider!) in new leathers. That's right, the Wingleader has commissioned these new uniformed leathers for the entire wing. Uniforms are known to show unity of a group, some say uniforms are a deterrent to criminal activity, other times, uniforms symbolize those who protect and serve. It's likely one reason or all that the Wingleader Ers'lan has decided to go with the uniform look. While some might groan about it, others take it on with pride. Whether they are a symbol of strength, of honor, or an elite force of specialized dragonriders, on duty Galaxy riders will be stalking the Weyr in dark black leathers, trimmed in fine threads of gold. Especially the newest recruit, If'an.

OOC: Yet again, if anyone would like to invite us to your misadventures, like falling off a cliff or something, please let me know! I would love to have a lot more on-camera scenes with Galaxy and its wingriders. Wingriders, don't fail to page if you ever want a scene! Again, welcome If'an to Galaxy. Glad to have you! Lan.

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