Weyrlings Graduate

Graduating from Weyrlinghood in a joyful ceremony are the pairs from Seryth's and Romth's clutch from two turns ago. All have received their own weyrs, leaving the entire barracks to the newest 2 weyrling pairs of Yumeth's recent clutch. Tapped into the following wings are:

Esiae - Nova (Queen's Wing)
If'an - Galaxy (S&R)
Jessie - Comet (Transport & Delivery)
Kinzie - Asteroid (Crafters)
M'trin - Quazar (Policy & Diplomacy)

So ends our first (OOCly) Extended Weyrlinghood. Due to RL eating all of our Weyrlings until recently this bbpost is late (by 1 RL month and 4 IC months) and the scene, if we do it, will be a backscene. I will let you know if we decide to do one. Otherwise, consider yourself to have been partaker of the festivities. Meanwhile, please help us congratulate Xanadu's newest riders.

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