Sickly Hatchlings at Igen

While the flight itself was rather lackluster, and the 5 eggs that Xanadu's renegade gold Lusiath deposited at Igen seemed small and oddly shaped, there was a bit of rejoicing when they at least began to move, exhibiting some signs of life as their adoptive mother looked on. In the end, however, only 3 of the 5 eggs did hatch - the real surprise however was that one of those that survived turned out to be a gold. With the three hatchlings quite sickly, the hatching was kept quite under wraps, and the weyrlings were kept apart from the others to avoid taking undue risks. While two of the Weyrlings seem well suited for the difficult task ahead of them, sadly it is the gold weyrling who is likely the weakest link.

The young set of weyrlings included:

Out for Blood Green Tavnth Impressed to Alaha, a brown-haired, strong-willed woman nearing her twenty-seventh turnday with a number of her own children spread through the foster system.

Wisps of Wraith Blue Phanth Impressed to R'on (Rion), twenty-two, who was formerly a beastcraft Journeyman used to the perils of sickly young beasts.

Rotting Zombie Gold Zoeyth Impressed to Rochelle, a rather skittish girl who worked as a seamstress and is just past her fifteenth turnday, who often seems to have a hard time simply keeping a thought in her head.

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