Not So Peaceful Sands

There's word spreading around Xanadu that things were as peaceful on the sands as a pair of golds made it seem. While Kilaueth and Sakrienth seemed to share the sands just fine (even though the latter has rarely had to share hatching sands time with another gold), she seemed to get along with the older Kila just fine. At more then one point the younger gold even seemed to deem the sands safe enough with Kila there along with bronze Destroth to leave her small clutch of 6 eggs long enough to feed and be bathed.

The trouble seems not to be with the golds but with Sianne snapping and snarling at J'ril the bronze's lifemate and with making some snarky comments to Niva's face as well as to her back. No one can say just when the normally peaceable Sianne became this hellcat and more. P'ece was even heard asking someone for a gag and rope for the goldrider so that perhaps for one night there'd be some quiet on the sands….To bad he didn't get what he asked for since within weeks of the eggs being clutched Sianne was seen racing from the infirmary and bursting into tears before returning to the sands.

Now there is hope that Peace will return now that the 6 eggs from the bronze and gold have hatched landing the following pairs in the barracks with the other weyrlings:

Green Stamrith and Tobai
Green Availuth and C'loy
Blue Fraverth and W'asl
Brown Verbanth and Y'urig
Green Pollith and Nenna
Blue Raspeth and R'nard

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